Vet Claim Solutions (VCS) is a education and coaching consulting service that provides pre and post-filing strategy to Veterans who are filing a disability claim with the Department of Veteran Affairs. VCS is not an accredited agent, VSO, or an organization affiliated with the Department of Veteran Affairs in any way whatsoever. VCS, is also not a law firm. We do not have attorneys on staff and by no means are we allowed to practice law in any state. Our consulting services is comprised of knowledge and experience with the VA disability claims process itself that we are able to share with Veterans.
We understand that there are many free services available to veterans for seeking assistance on filing a disability claim and we encourage all Veterans to exhaust these services before turning to us. In addition, there are situations in which a Veteran may choose to work with these free services and at the same time retain our services simultaneously to better increase the approval of his/her claim.